The Loss of the Waterwitch

On November 29, 1875 the schooner Waterwitch was heading to her home port of Cupids from St. John's when it encountered a raging storm and ran aground in the Horrid Gulch, just north of Pouch Cove.


A group of brave Pouch Cove men went off into the storm and performed a heroic rescue which included lowering Mr. Alfred Moores down the cliff by a rope in order to carry the people to safety. He was ultimately awarded a medal and diploma by the Royal Humane Society.

Click the sign to read a history of the Waterwitch as reproduced from a History of the Town of Pouch Cove, July 1978, by Marilyn Sullivan and Kathie Billard.

    Horrid Gulch


This is the site of the Waterwitch shipwreck. 


Can you imagine what it was like to be clinging to the rocks during a raging blizzard?


Or think of the bravery of the rescuers, especially Mr. Alfred Moores, as he was lowered down the cliff. 

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The Wreck of the Waterwitch

In 2015, The Pouch Cove Heritage Society, with the generous assistance of the people of Pouch Cove and surrounding area, produced a short film - 'The Wreck of the Waterwitch'.

A reenactment of the heroic rescue at Horrid Gulch over 140 years ago. We are pleased to share this piece of history with you and hope you enjoy.

Directed By

Ken Pittman

Rescue Re-enactment

Technical Rope & Rescue Inc.

Camera & Digital Production

Darrell Redmon

Research & Consultant

Po Chun Lau

Illustrations By

Ken Pittman

Remote Camera

Bob Brink

Still Photography

Po Chun Lau

Digital Studio Services

Bright White Productions

Site Preparation 

Roy Noseworthy

Voice of Alfred Moores Jr.

Recorded By MacEdward Leach (1950s)


 Todd LeGrow, Colin LeGrow

 Roy Noseworthy, Ken Pittman


The Waterwitch Song - performed by Joedy Wall 

published by James Murphy (1905)


Did You Know?

On June 8, 2011, the rescues associated with the Waterwitch shipwreck received one of six new designations under the Provincial Historic Commemorations Program.