You are about to experience an audio-visual trip which will stimulate your imagination concerning the cod liver oil factories and production which took place in Pouch Cove, Biscayan Cove and Shoe Cove from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century.


As members of the communities recall their memories you will learn about the location of the factories, the process of extracting the oil from the cod livers, the collection and use of the oil, as well as the importance of this supplementary income to local fishermen and their families. You will also hear about various incidents which our storytellers experienced as they reflect on this historical era in our community.

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Preserving Cod Liver Oil Memories


The impressive multi-level stages of Pouch Cove were testimonies to the perseverance, architectural ingenuity and courage of the fishermen who set out to sea to catch codfish on a dangerous but prolific coast. The stages are now gone, and disappearing too are most of the physical vestiges of the cod liver oil factories that once dotted the landscape.


Fortunately memories of the era remain among older members of the community. Their recollections of our cod liver oil heritage have been captured in a sound archive. Their voices and further information may be accessed through an App that can be downloaded on either an iPhone or an Android device.

     How to Access the Cod Liver Oil App


 You can now discover and experience our Cod Liver Oil Heritage with our Smartphone app available through Google Play and the App Store.

After you download the App you can experience 5 different sites where cod liver oil was collected and processed.


The location button will direct you to these sites and once there, the GPS locator will trigger the stories and images.


If you walk out of a story, it will fade away, but don’t worry just retrace your steps and it will pick up where you left off!


 If you are less adventurous or are unable to visit the sites you can still experience the stories by choosing the armchair mode!

    Here's a quick look - press play and enjoy! 

Proudly Produced by the Pouch Cove Heritage Society with generous gifts of time and memories from:


                                   Harvey Baldwin               Shirley Bragg

                                   Gwen Hudson                 Herb Hudson

                                   Garry Knight                    Harve LeGrow

                                   Junior LeGrow                  Bert Moores

                                   Roy Noseworthy              Rennie Sullivan

                                   Ted Sullivan                      Edgar Williams



                                         Pouch Cove Cod Liver Oil Heritage project received funding through the                                          Fisheries Intangible Cultural Heritage Grant, an initiative of the Heritage                                          Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador.